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When we first started dating in 2010 the concept of travel was always a conversation for us, especially after watching the travel channel or a strange survival reality show. Sara loves traveling, and years before she had backpacked abroad in Europe. Within the US, Chrissy traveled frequently and had lived in five different states. She always wanted to go backpacking around the world. We both loved traveling, however, our definition of what it meant to ‘travel’ was not always the same. Sara was more hesitant to leave than Chrissy. Our timelines differed on how long we would travel. We worked years to find stability in our lives. It would be bold and frightening to give that up, but the idea to travel around the world never left our minds.

As the years passed by we became focused on each other, our relationship, our careers, and building a life together. Getting through each day and each week, after all we were living in California and couldn’t afford to dream of saving for our trip. Sara returned to school to learn Web Design and Motion Graphics as a supplement to her Graphic Design work. Chrissy had just finished her second Master’s degree and was seeking a career change. An investment quickly turned into a nightmare. Side note: Big decisions should not be made by a coin flip. As a result, we found ourselves in real financial crisis. Each month we were sinking deeper in debt. Did we mention we were living in California?

But we always talked about the day we would travel around the world. Saying “it’s not the right time yet!”

In time, things began to slowly shift. Through perseverance and hard work (maybe some stubbornness), we eventually were able to stop incurring monthly debt. Sara finished school. Her hesitance in long-term travel was being replaced by tentative eagerness. Our own, individual concepts of a “trip” began to converge together. It also had a lot to do with all the drunk conversations and influence on each other. We made the conscious decision to turn our dream into reality, “when is it ever the right time? Let’s go for it” A grand idea just as we were coming out one of the toughest years of our lives. Why don’t we just give it all up? Put our lives and careers on hold for a bit, let’s travel around the world!

Eventually we succeeded, made a plan, got married, reached our goal, and are now traveling! It wasn’t easy nor quick. We made sacrifices and had our own set of challenges. This isn’t a long-term plan but for now we are focusing on living in the present. We don’t know what will happen when we return home. Heck, we don’t even know where our home is. One thing we do know is that we will have this experience. This experience will change us. And we embrace those changes. We aren’t traveling around the world to “just see it” we are also getting to know ourselves as individuals in this world.

We left our apartment, jobs, sold our stuff, and in June 2016 boarded a flight to our first stop of many: Norway. Hopefully this blog will give you some fun stories of our experiences and that you may find inspiration to pursue your dream. We certainly don’t have it “all figured out” but right now we are enjoying the journey of life together. You can do it too!

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