Our New York Minute Nightmare

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How did our 36 hours in New York City turn into our New York minute nightmare? Let us tell you… We booked our nephews flights home, out of New York City leaving on Friday (traveling unaccompanied minors). We would stay a night in NYC and leave the following day to Norway. This will start our around the world trip and our two week vacation with our moms. It would give us time to see them off and for us to have a day in the city with our moms! They have never really spent any time there and we wanted to show them the “city that never sleeps.” The lights, the food, the madness, and try to not get them killed while crossing the road.

Unfortunately, our dream was crushed, like a lot of NYC dreams are. Our New York minute nightmare began as we arrived by bus late into the city. We had to literally leave our moms and run with the boys to the airport for their flight We arrive with two nervous kids that had to dodge people like bullets. At check-in, we discovered that the flight was delayed a little bit. Great! We can breathe! Can we breathe now?

We got excited because we naively got distracted with the free food vouchers, but ignored the hellish night ahead of us. Like any adult would do in this situation we tried to use the “food vouchers” for “free booze.” After all, the boys were traveling first class. They’ll get food on their flight. We got denied booze with the voucher but we did feed the boys. We aren’t savages! By this point, we discover their 5 PM flight was delayed until 12 AM! Wait, what!? How does anyone come up with that time? A mid-day flight delayed until tomorrow, yeah that makes sense! We had no phone, the AC was freezing, no jacket, no computer, nothing! Guess our night in the big apple turned into an evening at the airport.

As 12 AM rolls around, we cried, said our goodbyes and saw them board their flight. Something wasn’t right. We never saw the pilots get on the plane, so we decided to wait and verify they actually take off. Guess what? They never did! Apparently, this flight never had pilots due to some weird schedule conflict, another WTF moment! We don’t understand how a major airline screws this up. The flight ended up being canceled. We guess they didn’t like our plan of having one of the flight attendants getting promoted to pilot! But seriously couldn’t they have saved the pain of sitting at the airport the entire day and just cancel the flight hours ago? The boys should’ve never even been approved to be on a red eye. It’s policy that no unaccompanied minor travels on a redeye flight. We conveniently found this out AFTER the flight was canceled.

By 2 AM we were in a cab back to our hotel. Sara slept on the floor for three hours, got up early and gave the airport another chance. This time the boys did get on their plane and Sara waited until the flight took off. Chrissy stayed behind to do last minute tasks that we needed to get done and to visit with her uncle.

Our full day with our moms visiting NYC never happened as we had hoped. Not a great way to start the trip but we were glad we didn’t book our flights out the same day! Our New York Minute Nightmare wasn’t so terrible. In the end, we were able to get our nephews on a flight home, visit our uncle, catch our flight to Norway and managed to survive 36 hours in JFK and La Guardia. Our year-long trip around the world is now underway, kicked-off with this amazing NYC experience. We can’t wait to see what the world has to offer us, so many possibilities!

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